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Our 33rd Anniversary in 2021

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Treasure Hunts for Groups
All Lead by an Actor

  We provide our OWN great Treasure Hunts, Quests and Missions. 

Our Treasure Hunts contain a variety of fun activities.


All of our Treasure Hunts are:
 written by us, created by us, and run by us,
with our own professional actors and co-ordinators.

Email    01790 756 940 

We have many Treasure Hunt Locations

    Celebrate your Treasure Hunt success
How will you celebrate your treasure hunt success?

You can have your Treasure Hunts at any suitable location in the UK.

  Treasure Hunters always have fun in our Treasure Hunts!

Treasure Hunts UK provide Participation Treasure Hunt Events: 

   It's fun anywhere you have your Treasure Hunt

Note: We do not arrange your Venue, Accommodation, Food and Refreshments or other activities.


Customer Comments:

.. a terrific evening .. the whole planning process was very slick and professional, which was much appreciated.
Kate Brown, Motion Marketing

The event was a great success and the quirky puzzle lovers all thoroughly enjoyed the occasion. 
Debra Secunda, Amberside Advisors

It was amazing and your actor was a bloody star and really made it special.
Chris & Mary Lenny.

... absolutely fabulous! 
Everyone had a wonderful time, ..
Ashleigh Dance, Maersk


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We have provided Treasure Hunts and other events with a mystery to solve since 1988.

Over 43,000 people have enjoyed our Treasure Hunts and Quests in the last 32 years.

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