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Treasure Hunts in York

Our York Treasure Hunt is set around the city centre.

All of our York Treasure Hunts are:
 written by us,
        created by us
                and run by us,
with our own professional actors and co-ordinators in York.

Your treasure hunt in York city centre is great fun.

Our York Treasure Hunts are great for:
 Work Away Days, Team Building, your Birthday Party or your Hen Party.

You can choose any of our themes and stories for your York treasure hunts.

Treasure Hunt in York Time Table

1. Meeting at a local pub or attraction in York city centre,
you start with an introduction by our co-ordinator, who is a professional actor.
2. You hear the story and theme and receive your team pack.

3. Your pack includes treasure hunt instructions and picture clues, 
as well as your bonus challenge locations and a list of items to collect.

4. Then off you go - to look for answers!


5. You meet your co-ordinator at the York bonus challenge locations, at the right allocated time to earn bonus points.

6. Use your treasure hunt answers to work out the York password or coded message.

7. Find the final location in York, usually a pub or cafe, 
to have your answers marked and see if your team have won the prize.


The York Treasure Hunt

Lasts 2-3 hours and covers about 1 - 2 miles in distance.

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